Elimination Diet: first days of reintroduction

Elimination Diet, challenges

So, I got over the first hump, going three weeks without eating soy, dairy, wheat/gluten, sugar, meat and a bunch of other things. I figured now would be the downhill slope, but not so.

Feeling pretty pissy about the whole elimination diet (smile!) because it has been more of a challenge to reintroduce than just cut out the foods. I found many occasions yesterday where I wanted to eat something on a menu only to find that it had two items on the introduction list, which meant that meal was out. Because you need to reintroduce only one thing, and because you need to make sure that this is in all meals for the next day, it is even more of a challenge because not only are you being intention for that meal (which can be difficult in the busy life of today), but you have to be intentional and planned out for all meals that day or even those next two days. The first two days I chose not to reintroduce tomatoes, which was the thing I wanted to start with, because I was worried I would not be able to prepare or be timely enough to get tomatoes for breakfast that day, and I did not want to waste the opportunity to eat dishes which I really wanted.

Am I making this harder than it has to be?

As someone that rarely cooks it has been really stressful to think about getting food by going shopping (I fear wasting food, not buying all the things I need, and getting stuck around improvising when cooking) and cooking for myself. I notice how I tend to eat out of convenience, and this diet has required incredible intention for every meal. My thoughts keep going to: do I even care to know, because I am not giving up bread, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. anyway.