Support local jazz radio stations
published on: 2021-09-02, reading time: 1 minutes
The real reason react hooks are so important
published on: 2019-05-21, reading time: 5 minutes
Thoughts on "What the Hell is Going On?"
published on: 2019-03-17, reading time: 2 minutes
Chromebook is basically Linux
published on: 2018-10-03, reading time: 3 minutes
Now I see Whoopi Goldberg everywhere.
published on: 2018-08-31, reading time: 3 minutes
Movie night
published on: 2016-10-01, reading time: 1 minutes
OK, so what does a good API look like?
published on: 2016-01-28, reading time: 3 minutes
Paul Graham doesn't like to be wrong about himself
published on: 2016-01-17, reading time: 4 minutes
Monotone, Git, Linus and Marty McFly
published on: 2015-10-21, reading time: 3 minutes
What IP do I access when using docker and boot2docker?
published on: 2014-06-12, reading time: 12 minutes
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