Resume Resume: Christopher R. Dawson

Christopher Russell Dawson

[email protected]
Portland, OR
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Experience and excitement for all roles in engineering organizations. Co-founded two acquired companies, have worn all hats: CEO/CTO, product development, sales, quality engineering, manager, training and development. I get my fingers dirty and develop empathy with all the hard working people in all organizations with which I have been involved. Started as an engineer, and always return to engineering.

Distinguishing Facets

Technical Qualifications

Tooling Expertise

GitHub (site and API), Pivotal Tracker, JIRA (custom dashboards, Agile/Greenhopper, report generation, workflow creation), TestRail (API, report generation), Charles Proxy, Man-in-the-middle proxy (plugin API), Video Broadcasting Systems and Protocols: Quicktime, Wowza, h264/MP4, RTSP/RTP/HLS, Helix, FFmpeg.

Employment History


University of Washington, BS Computer Science, BA Japanese Language and Literature


Fluent in Japanese, conversational Portuguese.