From a course on distributed computing:

Heisenbug: A bug that seems to disappear or alter its characteristics when it is observed or researched. A common example is a bug that occurs in a release-mode compile of a program, but not when researched under debug-mode. The name “heisenbug” is a pun on the “Heisenberg uncertainty principle,” a quantum physics term which is commonly (yet inaccurately) used to refer to the way in which observers affect the measurements of the things that they are observing, by the act of observing alone (this is actually the observer effect, and is commonly confused with the Heisenberg uncertainty principle).

Bohrbug: A bug (named after the Bohr atom model) that, in contrast to a heisenbug, does not disappear or alter its characteristics when it is researched. A Bohrbug typically manifests itself reliably under a well-defined set of conditions.