Facebook has become pure noise. It is pure noise partially because I was an inexperienced social media user when I first started using it. I added whomever to my friend list. Now I get random political messages (from both sides), people promoting their businesses, and information that is generally worthless to me. The reason I don’t use Twitter is now the same reason I always depart from a visit to Facebook with a sour taste in my mouth: unfiltered junk information. It feels that people are using G+ differently than Twitter as well; on Twitter, people post their quips and jokes alongside valuable information like links they care about, which diminishes the value of those links to me, because the cost of filtering out that junk is high for me.

G+ gives me high value information. I think I now get the true power of circles. I am not sure how much algorithmically is happening behind the scenes, but the circles I have subscribed to (mostly tech information, with a dash of Japanese) provide much more valuable information. There are tools to filter this information on Twitter, but G+ as a platform has this built in; I don’t really want to find tools on top of other tools to do this filtering. I know far fewer people personally on G+ than I do on Facebook, and this is fine by me. The informational content is so much better. It would make sense that Google would understand best how to deal with the data tidal wave of social information; Facebook has the DNA to build better interfaces than Google, but Google is a company designed to handle massive amounts of data and process them into something digestible.

And, this is why I think G+ will win in the long run over Facebook. Facebook seems to be building tools to addict people to low calorie information. G+ actually is valuable to me, and I think will be valuable to businesses using Google Apps. I can see value in connecting G+ services to my employees using Google Apps; I can see a benefit to focused and useful information distribution inside tight circles. I would never say that about Facebook; Facebook wants you to waste as much time inside their platform, to the detriment of work you want to get done. As people get more sophisticated about their usage of social media, I think people with something important happening in their lives will drift away from Facebook and use tools like G+.