Sitting in a cafe today I observed the woman in front of me using an online tool called Word Count Tool. I was confused why there was an online equivalent to a feature that must be in every single word processor ever invented. I went to the site and found a text field where you can enter text and then click a button to get back the count. The site definitely understands web marketing, as they promoted reviews of their site right under the point of action, and people are definitely more inclined to find value and take action when they see others who have already validated it, as a reviews section would indicate. I was surprised to see almost 8000 people had reviewed the site once I clicked on the “feedback” link. The average rating was 4.3 out of 5, which seems very impressive. And, I loved the reviews like “Bull crap i recounted and got over 9000 words i dont think this word counter works properly mate :D Nice try though.” I wholeheartedly agree with the person who noted that this is a good idea as long as someone does not sell this data to third party companies. though I was completely unaware there are malevolent people and third party companies out there interested in the word counts of random text. Or, the minimalist and straightforward reviewer that wrote “wtf is this gay shit.” I’m still not sure if this is a real site or an astroturfed honeypot. I think I would be very sad if this site was a real business. I know at least one person using it.