Went to a "Solsara" introduction last night.  Looks like a great course.  What I got:  we did an exercise where we walk up to someone and say whatever comes up, trusting your intuition about the person.  They only respond by saying "Thank you."  I noticed how I was very uncomfortable saying what was really in my head to both strangers and to people I have a relationship with.  And, from there I noticed that most of my life is spent feeling uncomfortable because I am not saying what is really there for me, processing what they could think, or where they might be, etc.  In this case I was uncomfortable as well (no change there) but this time I was fully self expressed (which feels magnificent), and I had some great authentic conversations with people afterwards who were able to handle what I had to say in that moment.  And, I had to deal with what I saw on their faces, and not go into a discussion, and just be with it.  I came out of the exercise with a renewed commitment to be authentic and honest, and really look to say what is there in a way that makes a positive difference for the people in my life and the world.