Picture this: you’ve just braved traveling through a large metropolis named New York, taking the subway during rush hour, getting off at the wrong stop from the subway, leaving the subway to find yourself lost in the Bronx, late for your plane and standing in the sub-zero temperatures waiting for a taxi for twenty minutes. Checking your cell phone for the time you see it is 6:30, and your flight leaves at 7:45. A taxi finally passes, and you have to shout out to make him notice you. Fortunately, he stops, and you get on board. He makes a request to stop for two minutes at the gas station as his wiper is broken, and feeling generous, you say yes. As the taxi slides into the airport area, you see the signs indicating the different terminals at JFK and check the time: 6:50. When you pull your bags from the back of the cab, it is 2 minutes past 7. You know that if you sprint to the checkin counter, and beg the person at the line to check you in over the others waiting, you’ll make it. However, you notice the sign in front of the porters says “Bag check minimum of 45 minutes before departure” so you start to get worried. And, then an hour