I always have a lot of resistance to writing. A feeling invades my being that tells me I’ll be digging into a lot of pain. However, when I am on the road, I do write, and I notice so many great thoughts and clarifications during those times. Is this because I write on a pad of paper (rather than on a computer?), or does writing simply slow me down and have me clarify my thoughts? In my daily life it often feels like my thoughts are passing by like a high speed train, in a blur.

I like that clarity and I like the peace I get when writing. One of the guiding principles in my life right now is consistency, and to further that aim I’m going to write once a day, 5 days a week. Let’s see how I do.

I’m going to write about the things I am passionate about. Every day of the work week I’ll be journaling about a specific topic. For now, those topics will be human potential, peace, business, technology with a wild-card day! I might be writing about a combination of these topics on that last day, or I might just post YouTube videos. Who knows.

(I actually wrote this in September 2010, but then imported other blog posts from a few others sites to centralize everything in one place. It seemed like this was the starting point for this blog, so I made it the first post chronologically.)